Make pharma manufacturing accessible

Rapid & flexible pharma manufacturing capacity at low up-front investments


Showcase of our IoT-powered modules

Our modules are container-sized factories that can be combined just like lego blocks for a flexible numbering up and down, depending on process requirements and market demand. They can be shipped anywhere for localized production. Every module is fully equipped with a modern IoT system allowing to monitor and optimize your production process individually and accelerate qualification process. With our very unique production-as-a-service business model our modules reduce up-front investments drastically. They are a real game-changer in today's pharmaceutical manufacturing.


We design, develop and deliver the first modular, IoT-powered and on-demand manufacturing environment

Modular concept

We build modular production solutions based on your process requirements to reduce time-to-market and up-front investment costs.


We offer a first in market leasing business model allowing you a flexible payment for quick & scalable capacity on-demand.

IoT monitoring

We use IoT sensor technology to monitor the whole process, allowing you to adjust, adapt and react in real time.

Localized production

Our modules can be shipped anywhere and reduce footprints through localized & low-waste production.


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